TIL ティ・アイ・エル株式会社


Call Button

The Call Button features a built-in SIM card, providing services through a connection
that eliminates the need for complicated Wi-Fi or Bluetooth configuration.

Implementation Case Study

in cooperation with
Hiragishi Limousine
Services Taxi and ride service for the Sapporo area
Address 4-5-15,2-Jo, Hiranishi, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 062-0932
Pressing the Button at home automatically sends a message keyed to the Button's ID, letting and a taxi sent to the person's doorstep.

A message from the President

President and Representative director Koji Jindai

Since its founding in 1958, Hiranishi Limousine has always grounded itself in the region and more importantly its people. Our company name bears the name of the region, Hokkaido Hiranishi. Naturally, we feel a responsibility towards the region itself. This responsibility stems from our founder, who once ran an apple garden. In the years before Sapporo City was a city, people came to him saying "We reallhy wish we had a means for transportation out here." He sold his apple garden and bought two cars to start a taxi service. So was born Hiranishi Limousine.

As new ideas like "ride sharing" and "sharing" show their face on the horizon, the taxi industry will no longer be able to turn a blind eye. It is evident that the current state of events cannot be maintained.

With this in mind, we whole heartedly embraced this experiment, and deployed the Call Button as a measure to connect with the people of Hiranishi on an individual basis. While new initiatives can create their own set of challenges, we will continue to work tirelessly to create a new kind of service that benefits us all.

President and Representative director Koji Jindai