TIL ティ・アイ・エル株式会社


Recruit Our venture is rapidly growing together
with the development of cutting-edge AI and IoT technologies.

What we do

R & D, planning, and development of solutions that realize “safety, security, and convenience” for consumers using IoT technology.

Design advanced applications incorporating AI, big data analysis through optimal device procurement and alliances with partners.

Providing services regardless of country, region, industry, or business type.


We continue to develop advanced and optimal solutions that incorporate IoT technologies, AI, and big data analysis that are sent out worldwide through strategic partnerships.

  • recoris

    AI Voice Recorder Solution

  • AI Road heating

    AI Road heating

  • Mobility controller

    Mobility controller

  • Call button

    Call button

Work scene

TIL 北海道テクノロジーセンター TIL 北海道テクノロジーセンター

TIL Hokkaido Technology Center
Hokkaido University Business Spring

Our incubation office is located on the campus of Hokkaido University where venture companies having cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT, biotechnology, and blockchain gather under one roof.
In addition to Hokkaido University, the technology center works with other universities and research institutions, SMEs, Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo City, forming a nexus of cutting edge technology information.


The candidate would be responsible for hardware research and development, prototype production, software development, development direction and project management of RECORiS, AI. Road heating optimizer, Mobility controller, etc.


  • Hardware development
  • Embedded
  • Circuit design
  • Making
  • IoT
  • Microcomputers


  • Leadership
  • Recruiting
  • Branding
  • Marketing